What is ACCE-PT?

The Accreditation Commission for Continuing Education in Physical Therapy (ACCE-PT) is a forming independent accrediting agency for organizations that offer continuing education activities to PTs and PTAs in the United States. ACCE-PT is currently working with state boards & chapters to gain recognition as a national accrediting agency for PT CE. Becoming recognized as an authority to accredit PT/PTA CE will require many states to amend their regulations related to "approval" of continuing education activities, and we expect it may take several years. While we acknowledge that we have many barriers to navigate, we are committed to putting forth our best effort to become a recognized entity to make this process more affordable, standardized and consistent across state lines. 


Our standards ensure that continuing education providers and activities are professionally relevant & current, evidence informed, free from commercial bias, and designed to enhance the clinical competency of PTs and PTAs. Our standards were adopted with careful consideration of and align closely with all of the following: 1) all US PT state board and/or APTA chapter rules/regulations related to PT/PTA continuing education approval requirements, 2) FSBPT Continuing Competence Activity Standards, 3) other healthcare CE accrediting agencies, such as the ACCME, ACPE, ANCC, BOC, AOTA and others. 

Why is this important? 

The current standards for PT/PTA continuing education are dictated by each individual states' licensure requirements. There is very little consistency in the requirements, review processes, terms of approval, and cost for each state. Post-professional PT/PTA educators have no option but to apply for approval for each CE activity in each individual state - an exhaustive, inefficient, and expensive process. Many educators simply choose not to do this, limiting their potential reach, and placing an increased burden on the licensee who wants to take their courses. With more telework options than ever before, PTs are often licensed in multiple states. In many cases, this means that PTs have to track separate CE approvals for all the states in which they are licensed, or only take courses that are approved by all states (very rare). This restricts the individual licensee's ability to choose courses they feel are most relevant to their professional development, or requires them to pay more of their own money for additional CE activities to satisfy licensure requirements in multiple states. Considering the aforementioned reasons, and also considering that every other health profession has a national, centralized, unified accreditation agency for continuing education, it is necessary for the PT profession to offer this option. 

ACCE-PT Vision:  

ACCE-PT sets a unified, national standard for
PT/PTA continuing education and accreditation

ACCE-PT Mission: 

To ensure excellence & accountability in continuing education for PT/PTA in order to protect the public
To provide resources in instructional design and effective teaching & learning to assist post-professional educators
To support educational activities that promote the advancement of the PT profession